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How to Install Software With YAST From the Command Line

YAST can install a package from the command line or from a script. This functionality is useful if wanting to yastinstall software on a group of machines, such as a cluster.

YAST can install a package given the full path or by pulling from the software available in the listed installation sources (i.e. Those listed in YAST -> Software -> Change Source of Installation)

To install an rpm package stored on the file system, do the following:

Open a terminal and su to root.

# yast -i /path_to_rpm_file/filename.rpm.

For example, to install the iFolder Client from rpm, and assuming the rpm file is located at /tmp, enter:

# yast -i /tmp/novell-ifolder-client-2.1.5-6.4.i386.rpm.

YAST can also install software it knows about. To install gettext, for example, enter:

# yast -i gettext.

YAST will load, solve dependencies, and install the package gettext.

YAST will prompt for CD media. To avoid this, create an installation source and add it to the Source Of Installation in YAST.

Giving the full path results in YAST installing the specified package without dependency checking.
Giving just the package name will cause YAST to install with dependency checking.

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