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How to make yum more powerful

yum is a powerful application there are applications we can add onto it to make it even more powerful.fedora

  • yum-fastestmirror – The yum-fastestmirror plugin sorts each repository’s mirrorlist by connection speed prior to downloading packages, and will choose the fastest mirror whenever yum is used. I find it to be very useful.


  • yumex – yumex, or yum extender, is a graphical user interface (GUI) for yum. Fedora already has a graphical interface to Yum (Add/Remove Software aka pruit) but I find yumex to be far more intuitive of an application in the way it is laid out. It is nice to browse through all of the programs that are present in a repository, or to narrow down the list or programs by performing a search. yumex allows you to do so. It’s a bit clunky, but it is still 10 times better than pirut, which try to perform similar actions.


  • yum-utils – yum-utils is a collection of utilities and plugins that provide additional flexibility when using yum. The utilities include package-cleanup, repoclosure, repomanage, repoquery, repo-rss, yum-builddep, and yumdownloader. package-cleanup is a definite must, as it checks for unneeded packages and dependency problems. It will also remove old kernels from the system, if needed.

To install all of these simply type the following into your terminal as root:

# yum install yumex yum-fastestmirror yum-utils

You should now have Yumex listed in your applications menu, and the rest will run in the background when you use yum or a front-end to yum. Enjoy.

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