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“Linux Mint 16 will be a harder sell” – Clement Lefebvre

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In our interview with the Linux Mint developers last week, we talked a lot about the future of Linux Mint and their desktop environment Cinnamon. One of the revelations was that Cinnamon is moving to its own back-end for Linux Mint 16, as Cinnamon levels up to version 2.0. While this is a bold and important move, it’s not going to be without its drawbacks.

Clement Lefebvre:

“Cinnamon 1.8 reached completeness on all visible aspects. In other words, even though the back end is still GNOME, what you see in Mint 15 is a complete Cinnamon front end, whereas in Mint 14 you could see parts of GNOME and Cinnamon tried its best to integrate with that. I think that’s a big reason for Mint 15′s success, people’s perception of it is different I think.

In 2.0 they won’t see the difference and although the back end is hugely important it will be much harder to ‘sell’.”

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Don’t expect much new in the front end next Linux Mint

Linux Mint 17 and Cinnamon 2.1 won’t have the same problem though, which should come just in time for the next big LTS release, Ubuntu 14.04.

Linux User & Developer: “This means you’ll be ready for the LTS release?”

CL: “Yes, because relying on our own technology is a huge asset for innovation, Not only does it push the boundaries of what isn’t possible further, but things we don’t want changed, don’t change and we’re not catching up with things and fixing regressions.”

The full interview will be turning up in a future issue of Linux User & Developer magazine, however, we’ll be posting some information from the interview regarding Linux Mint 15 sometime this week.

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