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NOAA Unveils a Warmer Climate ‘Normal’ For the US

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Axios: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed new standards on Tuesday for what an average or “normal” U.S. climate looks like, showing average temperatures in the U.S. rising significantly. Updating these standards is important for helping shape government policies and what your local weather forecaster says the “average” high temperature is on a given date.

NOAA releases climate averages for the preceding 30-year period every 10 years. The “climate normals” released Tuesday cover 1991-2020 and indicate that the U.S. climate has warmed, and also become wetter over time. NOAA noted that parts of the U.S. may also get drier, due to climate change. “The influence of long-term global warming is obvious,” per a press release. The new normals may shift how the climate is described for particular parts of the U.S. With the changes, Fairbanks, Alaska is no longer considered a sub-Arctic climate, but is now termed a “warm summer continental” climate.

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