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Pebble unveils its new smartwatch

Pebble has unveiled its new smartwatch – the Pebble Time. From an article The Verge published about the company and this new watch:

But this watch has a few tricks up its sleeve. For the first time, Pebble’s smartwatch has a color e-paper LCD screen, replacing the black-and-white panels used on the Pebble and Pebble Steel. Itâ??s not the same kind of display you’ll find on an Android Wear watch or the Apple Watch; only 64 colors are available, and it has much less contrast, saturation, and resolution than other screens. It’s more like a Game Boy Color screen than a modern smartphone display. But it uses very little power and is visible in bright daylight, letting Pebble keep the display on all the time without using a lot of battery life. That helps preserve one of Pebble’s strengths over the competition: the company says the Pebble Time can last up to seven days between charges, far longer than other smartwatches.

Be sure to watch the video atop the article to get an idea of the awesome interface they have devised. The timeline concept, the distinctive animations – it’s got some real personality and character. If you want a utilitarian smartwatch and don’t care too much about looks, the Pebble seems to run circles around the charge-everyday, platform-locked competition.

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