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Popular Mechanics Defends Elon Musk — While He Tweets About Fortnite

The November issue of Popular Mechanics includes a message from its editors that Elon Musk is “under attack,” arguing that while some criticisms have merit, “much of it is myopic and small-brained, from sideline observers gleefully salivating at the opportunity to take him down a peg.”
But what have these stock analysts and pontificators done for humanity? Elon Musk is an engineer at heart, a tinkerer, a problem-solver — the kind of person Popular Mechanics has always championed — and the problems he’s trying to solve are hard. Really hard. He could find better ways to spend his money, that’s for sure. And yet there he is, trying to build gasless cars and build reusable rockets and build tunnels that make traffic go away. For all his faults and unpredictability, we need him out there doing that. We need people who have ideas. We need people who take risks. We need people who try.
The magazine includes statements from 12 high-profile supporters, including investor Mark Cuban, who writes “When you invest in a company run by an entrepreneur like Elon, you are investing in the mindset and approach that an entrepreneur brings to the table as much as you are valuing the net present value of future cash flows. That is not typical for public companies that are overwhelmingly run by hired CEOs. My advice for Elon is simple: Be yourself. Be true to your mission. Respect your investors. Ignore your critics.”

Meanwhile, in a Friday post on Twitter, Musk jokingly claimed that he’d purchased and then deleted the game of Fortnite, posting a doctored Marketwatch article quoting him as saying “I had to save these kids from eternal virginity.”
“Had to been done,” tweeted Musk, adding “ur welcome”.

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