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Promotional Feature: LINUX versus WINDOWS

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Code Access

At the outset is the code. Linux is the preferred operating system for programmers, or savvy computer geeks who like to read code, change code, or otherwise are interested in manipulating code. Not so with Windows. Windows is a “visual” program, displaying its functions through pictures and icons that are quite user friendly, and require no familiarity with the inner workings of the program. It’s like driving a car – one may well learn to drive a car without necessarily knowing – or caring to know – how the engine works. But if the driver wants to race and “soup up” the car, it may well serve him or her to know something about the engine. So it is with code. It is the background, the inner workings of a program. In Linux, this is easily available; in Windows, not so much.


The license is the legal permission to use. With Linux, one is free to change the code and even resell it. But with Windows, the license is closed, meaning that if you purchase five licenses, you may legally only install the program on five computers.


Linux relies mostly on forum support, but the response is iffy. If one posts a question on one of the forums, one either gets bombarded within a few minutes with thousands of suggestions, or may wait several days for a reply. Windows has quite a bit of information available online simply by typing in a question, which sometimes is much more direct and expedient. Both Linux and Windows have paid contract services, of course, but the computer savvy may well wish to find his or her own answers without resorting to paid help.

Installing New Programs

Installing programs is another difference. With Windows, one must know the program one wants to download and install, get that program either directly from the Internet or by purchasing the CD, and install it into the computer, with run.exe or install.exe. With Linux, however, there is a central location where all available programs are listed, and can be searched, added or removed.


Linux is a far more flexible program than Windows. Windows serves its design look, feel, size and other elements according to Microsoft engineering decisions; with Linux, one can modify those elements, and change them to whatever look and feel are right for the end user. Again, it’s the code that matters. There is much more flexibility with Linux than Windows.

Web Hosting

There are many web hosting companies on the Internet, but 1and 1 website hosting provides Linux hosting environment for Perl, PHP and mySQL, flexible server solutions adaptable to one’s changing needs over time, dedicated Linux servers with up to 24 cores, all for a very affordable price. Linux is a very flexible and maneuverable operating system for those who like to have a measure of control over code. Windows, on the other hand, is a more rigid, fixed, icon-driven operating system, more useful to the casual, or less computer-savvy user. They both offer terrific features. They each present a choice.

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