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Tesla Cuts Price of Model S Long Range Plus, Says EPA-Rated Range Improved To 402 Miles

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: Tesla confirmed Monday night that it recently cut the price of the 2020 Model S Long Range Plus by $5,000 and boasted that the EPA-rated range for this version of the Model S — meaning the number of miles the vehicle can travel per single charge in testing conditions — has increased to 402 miles. A spokesperson for the Environmental Protection Agency told CNBC in an e-mail on Tuesday: “EPA can confirm that we approved a 402 mile range for the updated Tesla Model S Long Range Plus. Tesla has updated the 2020 Model S Long Range Plus vehicle making several changes to the vehicle from the one EPA previously tested. EPA approved the new label value based on a review of the testing protocols and data submitted by Tesla and found it was complete and accurate. Fueleconomy.gov will be updated in about a week with this information.”

In other words, the EPA approved Tesla’s right to advertise a 402-mile range rating for the latest version of the Model S Long Range Plus, but the agency has not conducted its own tests of the vehicle. In Tesla’s blog post on Monday, the company focused on the ways in which it has improved the range of the Model S Long Range Plus as compared to earlier versions of the company’s flagship electric sedan. Among other things, Tesla said it achieved range improvements by reducing the mass of the vehicle by using lighter weight materials in its battery pack and drive units, and other lighter weight components. It also updated its “HOLD” features which allow drivers to remain stopped on a hill without having to keep the brake pedal pressed down. These features maximize regenerative braking in the Model S and other Tesla vehicles that have it. Last month, the EPA rebuffed comments Elon Musk made concerning what he calls an error during the Model S Long Range’s testing process, which the executive says cost the car a 400-mile range estimate. The agency said it conducted the testing properly.

“The real Model S range is 400 miles, but when we did the last EPA test, unfortunately, a TA left the car door open and the keys in the car,” said Elon Musk at the time. “So the car — and they did this overnight. And so, the car actually went into a waiting for driver mode and lost 2% of its range. And as a result, it had a 391 test. As soon as the EPA reopens for testing, we will redo the test, and we’re actually confident that we will achieve a 400-mile or greater range with the Model S. But to be clear, the Model S, for the past two months — the true range of the Model S for the past two months has been 400 miles.”

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