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Tools is like for : –>  Network Monitoring and tracing faults in Network

  • Etherape A graphical network monitor (GPL, Linux only)
  • Ntop Network top – tool that lets you analyze network traffic statistics (GPL, FreeBSD/Linux/Unix)
  • Snort Network intrusion detection system (GPL, BSD/Linux/Unix/Win32)
  • Prelude Another network intrusion detection system (GPL, BSD/Linux/Unix)
  • tcpflow Extracts data streams from TCP connections and writes each stream to a file (GPL, BSD/Linux/Unix)
  • tcpick tcpick is a textmode sniffer libpcap-based that can track, reassemble and reorder tcp streams (GPL, BSD/Linux/Unix)
  • tcptrace Tool for analysis of TCP connections (GPL, BSD/Linux/Unix)
  • online message parser Online single hex message parser, supports Wireless/PSTN/VoIP protocols (Freeware, Web)
  • tcpstat Tool for reporting statistics for TCP connections (BSD style, BSD/Linux/Unix)
  • Tele Traffic Tapper Graphical traffic-monitoring tool; can also read saved capture files (BSD style?, BSD/Linux)
  • Ettercap Allows for sniffing of machines in a switched network LAN (GPL, BSD/Linux/Solaris)
  • HUNT Allows for sniffing of machines in a switched network LAN as well as providing a very easy to use API to modify the intercepted frames before they are forwarded. Intercept and Modify. (GPL, Linux)
  • RRDtool is “a system to store and display time-series data (i.e. network bandwidth, machine-room temperature, server load average)”. (GPL, various UN*Xes) Many RRDtool-based applications are listed on the RRD World page.
  • Show Traffic shows continuous summary list of TCP/UDP traffic (BSD, Win32)
  • TcpView maps TCP/UDP endpoints to running programs (Freeware, Win32)
  • p0f versatile passive OS fingerprinting and many other tricks (Freeware, BSD/Linux/Win32/…). Take a lookhere to see some stats generated with p0f and some scripts.
  • VisualEther Protocol Analyzer generates sequence diagrams from Wireshark PDML output (Win32)
  • Cap’r Mak’r generates new pcaps for various protocols
  • Mu DoS converts any packet into a DoS generator
  • xtractr collaborative cloud app for indexing, searching, reporting and extracting on large pcaps using tshark
  • pcapdiff compares two capture files (taken simultaneously on both ends of a connection) to identify potentially forged, dropped, or mangled packets (GPL v2 or v3, any OS with Python and pcapy)

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